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Fail Safe Features

Return to Home in following situations

  • Rotor failure
  • Above Wind speed Level 5 (17 to 21 Knots)
  • In case of Controller – UAV Link failure
  • Low Battery

Parachute deployment – Optional

Automatic parachute deployment in case of tech failure or accident.

Surveillance Cameras

180X Hybrid Zoom
30X Optical Zoom
4K 8MP Ultra HD
AI Smart Identify Tracking
Starlight Night Vision Camera

Thermal Camera

Professional Comprehensive UAV Imaging System

The captured images will include GPS location details and timestamps. Alongside the 180x hybrid zoom (30× optical zoom) 1/2.7-inch Sony 4K image sensor camera, the ZT30 features a wide-angle camera with 2K resolution, delivering an unparalleled expansive view and the ability for panoramic shots. The images are crisp, the algorithm operates swiftly and precisely, and the viewpoint is automatically focused, facilitating the creation of impressive photographs. With seamless motion, fluid zooming, and distant landscapes now easily attainable.

High-Accuracy Laser Rangefinder

Its optical pod is equipped with a rangefinder boasting a range of 1200 meters and a measuring accuracy of 0.1 meters. Known for its sensitivity and reliability, the ZT30 excels in acquiring precise coordinates in real-time, particularly in high-risk operational scenarios. This capability proves invaluable in supporting command decision-making and guaranteeing a secure operational space.

Al Enhanced Smart Identify and Tracking

Equipped with a built-in NPU (neural processing unit) and powered by a newly developed AI algorithm, the optical pod can autonomously recognize individuals, vehicles, ships, and other moving targets. Through seamless collaboration between the gimbal attitude control and flight control system, it achieves independent identification, positioning, and continuous tracking. The automatic zoom feature of the visible light camera ensures that the target remains centered on the screen, maintaining a clear and visible aspect ratio.

Product Specifications